Manny Loveankh
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Manny Loveankh/Born To Xcel Vol 1 (The Virus) Mixtape

Born To Xcel Vol 1 (The Virus) Mixtape


1. Intro
2. 9 Hour Shift (Freestyle)
3. Acapella (Feat Miss Jules)
4. Shots
5. Freaky Kinda Girl
6. 6 Feet Deep
7. The One I Love (Feat Miss Jules)
8. We Do This (Feat Page) 2012 Version
9. I Didn't Listen
10. Shots Remix (Feat Ark.S)
11. Acapella Part 2
12. Outro

About Album

How long have you been following Manny Loveankh’s journey as an artist? If you’ve been following Manny from the very beginning of his career when he was known as S.O.P or S.O.P Xcel, then you should remember his first-ever mixtape which was released in 2012. Listen to the mixtape to see how the artist has grown over the years to become the artist that he is today. Preview the tracks below and Download the full mixtape for free.

Artist: Manny Loveankh
Label: 41Nation Entertainment
Release Date: 12-5-2012
Genres: Pop, Rap/Hip Hop
People: Written by Emmanuel Ebokosia, Cacheral Jules, Steve Lines, Eshan Obi and Produced by Furious Productions

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