Manny Loveankh
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Manny Loveankh/Nwannem (Speaking In Tongues)

Nwannem (Speaking In Tongues)


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About Album

This was Manny’s first-ever afrobeat song which was released in 2013 when he was still known as S.O.P. The song was produced by popular Nigerian producer Tha Suspect who also features on the chorus. Also make sure to check out the music video which features Unique Silver Dancers at the early stage of their career. The dance group was headed by now popular dancer and choreographer Sherrie Silver. This highlights not only how far Manny has come as an artist but also his level of versatility.

Artists: Manny Loveankh, Tha Suspect
Label: 41Nation Entertainment
Release Date: 31-8-2013
Genres: Afro Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Rap/Hip Hop
People: Written by Emmanuel Ebokosia
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