Manny Loveankh
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Manny Loveankh/Summer Girl

Summer Girl


1. Summer Girl (Feat Pupa Tee) buy track

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About Album

Manny Loveankh is back on the scene with a brand-new studio single titled ‘Summer Girl’ off his debut EP ‘Black Vinyl’. This release feels like a milestone for the artist because it showcases Manny Loveankh’s amazing growth and ability to create music that is catchy and easy to relate to. In spite of the immediacy behind this release, there are actually so many layers behind it, which add nuances and personality to the project. The production is balanced and perfectly tailored to the style of songwriting, going for a very good fit.

The vocals from both Manny and Pupa Tee are a good match with the instrumentals, and the mixing is always top-notch, giving the music a nice dynamic range. Summer Girl could be a perfect introduction to Manny Loveankh and his astonishing music since this release is deeply embedded in the artist’s personality and style.

Artists: Manny Loveankh, Pupa Tee
Label: 41Nation Entertainment
Release Date: 20-8-2021
Genres: Afrobeat, Afropop, Reggae
People: Written by E.Ebokosia & A.David, Produced by LTTB

Available Lyrics

Summer Girl (Feat Pupa Tee)

CHORUS (Manny Loveankh and Pupa Tee)

S.O.P Xcel
ah pupa teezy (ohh ohh)
Summer, Summer

CHORUS (Pupa Tee)
She’s my summer girl, she’s hotter than fire and sauna as well (yeah)
She’s my summer girl if you take her from me you better love her well (yeyy)
She’s my summer girl, she’s hotter than fire and sauna as well (yeah)
She’s my summer girl if you take her from me you better love her well (yay)

VERSE 1 (Manny Loveankh)
She’s hot like summer, even in the winter she keeps me warmer (ayy)
She’s hot like summer, you should see the way she dey grip my burner (ayy)
She’s hot like summer, she’s the only one wey dey make me wonder.
I say “if you want it you can tell me how you want it” she say “Manny stfu let me do my ting now”

Tell me baby if it cost money, if so I could throw 20 racks on it.
I’m not usually the type to pay for it, but I know you gotta pay your tuition from it.
It ain’t trickin' if you got it, you got me so hard I wanna pay your mortgage.
The way you package got me thinking marriage my pretty woman don’t run up your mileage (ayy)

CHORUS (Pupa Tee)

PRE-VERSE (Pupa Tee)
Yelele lele Yelele lele Yelele lele

VERSE 2 (Pupa Tee)
Oh nana
Ah pupa teezy

Gyal ah love me, she loves nobody else
Gyal ah got me, anytime anywhere
She ah mi yard gal, she full everywhere
Omo to shan, she nuh gimmie no stress.. Yes
She gimmie full time when I come around
(Come around, come around)
Clean up herself when I come around....yeah
(Come around, come around)

Gal ah hotter than ah fire
She the only gyal weh gimmie my desire
Hmmmm murder murder
That what she wrote to me


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