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Manny Loveankh

Manny Loveankh is an artist and songwriter who developed a truly unique sound based on his one-of-a-kind, multi-genre approach. While most artists have a single-minded focus on a music style, Manny is incredibly versatile, meaning that he can seamlessly blur the lines between a wide variety of genres and stylistic ideas. There are no rules, except a single one: making good music.

Born Emmanuel Ebokosia, the East London based artist was lucky enough to have been brought up in a traditional African household with roots in the Igbo tribe of southeastern Nigeria. This enabled him to learn more about his ancestral culture, and incorporate the traditional language of his roots in some of his music.

The artist’s combination of Rap, Afrobeat, R&B, and Pop is often self-described as Afro-Hip-Hop, but the possibilities of his creativity expand far beyond these mere definitions.

For some time, Manny Loveankh had to take a break from music in order to focus on some personal issues, but he came back with more focus than ever before. He previously collaborated with producer Tha Suspect of Capital Hill Music, and Afrobeat artist Iyanya, who was one of the biggest names on the scene in 2013 due to the success of his single ‘Kukere.’ Manny also had the opportunity to open for his sold-out concert at IndigO2 Greenwich, one of the most prestigious venues in the

UK—taking the local scene by storm and making an impact on the audience. In addition to being a recording artist, Manny is actually a savvy music business insider, with a master’s degree in Music Industry Management and Artist Development, which he acquired from the University of West London. With his wealth of knowledge, he created a company named True Cadence CIC, which helps young people from under-resourced communities learn more about the music business!

Musically, Manny Loveankh’s vision continues to excel. Because of such a distinctive, open-minded sound, Manny Loveankh is able to make quality music that transcends the given trend of the moment, aiming instead to have a lasting impact on the listener. Whether you listen to Manny Loveankh’s music the moment it’s released or years after it first came out, you’ll likely find that it has retained the same integrity and freshness, unlike music that’s simply trying to milk the cow of whatever’s trendy at the time.

Manny Loveankh’s music is, in general, a perfect example of what this multi-genre artist is all about. His songs have got some incredible melodies, and the rhythm profile is energetic and engaging, channelling influences as diverse as hip-hop and R&B, only to mention a few. The sound that Manny Loveankh brings to the table is fresh and spontaneous, and it will keep the listeners engaged through and through.

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